The GT Throne processor retrieves audio input via a 3.5mm jack, this allows the GT Throne to be paired with any PC, laptop, smartphone and tablet. The GT Throne can also make you feel the wrath of a blue shell in the Nintendo Switch handheld mode.
Nintendo Switch (works both with What consoles are compatible with the Console Adapter? The GT Throne Console Adapter is compatible with any console that has an optical out (SPIDF). These include:
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox One S
  • Xbox One X
  • and without the Console Adapter)
  • Playstation 3
  • Playstation 4 (PRO) – PlayStation slim not compatible. Please see Electronic Set Up Page about PlayStation headphone compatibility.
No. The console adapter comes standard with every GT Throne purchase.
For the console adapter to work properly, the console needs to have a built in optical adapter. All other models of the PS4 have optical adapters but the PS4 Slim does not.
Please see our Electronic Set Up Page.
Tremor FX is a patent vibration technology that basically makes GT Throne the most intelligent, immersive gaming chair on the planet. With GT Throne, you’ll feel the difference between shotgun recoil and a bashing rocket hammer.
The GT Throne processor is where the magic happens. The GT Throne processor holds the patented Tremor FX technology that tells the chair what to do. The processor technology is not simple but using it is. It connects to your PC, then sends a wireless signal to the GT Throne amplifier on the chair.
This little box is the second half of the magic of GT THRONE. The GT THRONE Amplifier is mounted to the chair and receives real-time signals to make the chair vibrate according to gameplay. There is no vibration delay in game play so you feel that battle rifle recoil as it happens.
The GT Throne is powered with a standard AC/DC adapter that plugs into the bottom of the chair. The power cord is custom designed with a breakaway cable so don’t worry about any rollovers.
Do you go into any battle guns blazing with no fear of the consequences – if so maybe our Bold Gold throne will work for you? Or do you take your time and strategically use stealth to surprise your counterparts? Then go with our Black on Black throne. Whatever you choose, it’s dangerous to go alone, take the GT Throne with you.
Our GT Throne is made to fit a wide variety of body types. The GT Throne is built higher and wider than most standard gaming chairs but is still shaped to make smaller bodies feel cushioned and comfy. For more info check out our specs on the product page.