The Immersive Gaming Chair

Let your gaming victories FEEL as good as they look on screen.


Gaming Made Immersive

Patented technology to incorporate intelligent vibration into your gameplay

Compatible with PC and Consoles

Feel the effects of any game

From the Press

“The chair shakes and rumbles with every gunshot and explosion, providing an immersive experience usually only seen in very expensive simulator-focused racing chair systems”

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PC Mag

“the GT Throne is definitely a double thumbs up when it comes to fun, no other chair is as fun as the GT Throne.  It’s the only chair that can really qualify as a gaming chair”

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Tech Of Tomorrow

“The GT Throne is more than just a neat chair though. It’s a chair that wants to connect you to your video games, engage your senses beyond your sight”

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“Surprisingly, even in the most extreme cases, it's not at all distracting. In fact, feeling the rumble of a nearby explosion gave me that heads up feeling”

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Game Tyrant

“GT Throne is a premium chair…feels like a comfortable faux-leather, fitting firm along the seat and the back. But where it separates itself is with its main feature."

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Connect your gaming device to the GT Throne Processor


The GT Throne Processor wirelessly sends signals to chair.


Be fully immersed in your game as the actuators vibrate.

TremorFX Patented Technology

Feel the gunshot, feel the bomb, all in your own battle station

Lumbar Support

GT THrone has a high back rest that runs the entire length of your back, along with additional head and lumbar support pillows for maximum comfort over extended periods of time. This means you can conquer an entire army, village, or game in one sitting without having to call your personal masseuse.

Quality Materials & Construction

The cushion is encased with stain- and water-resistant polyurethane (PU) leather upholstery, which leaves you free to spill ultra-caffeinated drinks and greasy foods to your heart’s content.

Hi-Tech, High Comfort

No need to take so many stretch breaks. The GT Throne has a Steel durable frame that holds high density, single-cut 10-inch foam to keep your keester comfortable.

Recline & Tilt Mechanism

The GT THRONE includes an adjustable seat and 140 degree incline to help see all the right angles. Also included, is a locking tilt mechanism to help you get that 10 minute power nap in before your next raid.

Strong Base

All of this comes on a 5 Star aluminum base with 3-inch casters and PU coating to keep the good times rolling.