Interactive Manual

The design of GT Throne Gamer Chairs make them a breeze to put together, so you can get to your favorite games faster. Simply follow the eight steps pictured and detailed below. Rollover the images to see how the parts connect.

1) Attach the wheels.
2) Install the hydraulic unit and the plastic cover.
3) Attach the backrest to the seat.
4) Using the MS allen key, remove the screws on the side of the backrest and use to attach the backrest to the seat. (Screws come already fixed to the sides of the backrest before delivery.)
5) Fix the plastic covers to the sides of the backrest.
6) Fix the control unit to the base of the seat. (Screws have been fixed to the seat base at the factory prior to delivery. The direction of the control unit should be on the right.)
7) Attach armrests to the seat. (Attach TremorFX receiver to and right armrest using the same bolts.)
8) Insert the hydraulic unit into the opening of the control unit.

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