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GT Throne Gamer Chair


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The GT THRONE will take your gaming to a new level with Tremor FX technology. GT THRONE’s technology is one of kind and is the only PC gaming chair to offer dynamic vibrations for a more immersive experience. The chair has been designed with quality materials and detailed craftsmanship to offer highest comfort for extended sitting and gaming.

  • Steel frame with 10-inch high-density foam
  • Aluminum 5 star base with XL 3-inch casters
  • Heavy duty hydraulic pump, supports ≤ 350 lbs.
  • 140 degree sit incline with locking mechanism
  • Head pillow and embodied back pillow
  • Adjustable soft cushioned armrests, flat and ergonomic
  • 3 Custom GT Throne actuators
  • GT Throne gold plated, nylon braided usb cord
  • GT Throne nylon braided 3.5mm audio cable
  • GT Throne power cord with breakaway jack
  • GT Throne processor and GT Throne amplifier with Tremor FX technology

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Patrick Ross
Patrick Ross

I have one of these chair and I can honestly say, without any hesitation, that I will never go back to gaming without one ever again. ESPECIALLY since they came out with the console adapter! I never liked the rumble packs in most console controllers. Most of the time the controller would vibrate during cut scenes, which I never understood. I LOVE that you can control the vibration intensity in the GT Throne. My favorite game is pretty much any game in the Assassin’s Creed franchise and in the GT Throne you get a different vibration sensation when you use… Read more »

Jacob Schaffer
Jacob Schaffer

This is by far the best chair I’ve ever sat in!!! Most gamers want to feel immersed in what ever game their playing and the closest you can usually get to that is with surround sound headphones, but with the chair reacting to everything your doing in a game takes it to a new level. When playing Pubg and your getting shot at or shooting back at someone the chair reacts to every gun shot and every explosion. Imagine being in a room having faint foot steps running down a hallway towards you and the chair is vibrating with every… Read more »


This chair is awesome! I was going to originally cheap out a bit and get some basic one, but the built in tremor fx and overall comfort make me glad I got this chair instead.

eRa Azuhl
eRa Azuhl

I love my chair, it truly is the best

Gabe Diaz

Honestly fell in love with this chair at TwitchCon 2017! The staff was extremely friendly but to make matters even better the chair was just amazing overall. Between the comfort and the uniqueness of the chair I knew this was the one for me. I highly recommend this chair due to the fact that it is top of line in the market and won’t fall apart on you after a couple months of use… Being an Esports Professional player for over 10 years this is something I’ve been missing… Honestly best decision gaming wise I’ve made!


I love my GT Throne! It is so comfortable and very firm. Before this chair I bought a knock off brand off amazon and it fell apart in a year.
Since I am a streamer I spent 7-8 hours sitting and I do occasionally do 12 – 24 hour stream. This chair helps me achieve that!
If you want an amazing product this is it!


GT Throne is the best gaming chair around hands down this chair beats all others. Comfortable ,stylish and now with console adapter support this chair is amazing. I Had my GT Throne for close to a year and never had to deal with tearing like other so called gaming chairs. The Vibration is amazing its one thing to hear Gun shots but when you can actually feel them makes a huge difference on gameplay. Do your self a favor don’t pass up this chair


I absolutely love this chair. I have been using it now for a few weeks and it is the most comfortable “office” chair I have ever sat in. The adjustable lumbar support and neck pillow are great! As for gaming, that brings it to a whole new level. Being able to feel the enemy footsteps while playing PUBG and other first person shooters provides a bit of an edge because the sound sometimes hasn’t even become audible to my headphones yet. Listening to music and watching movies is also a great experience. I can’t say it strong enough, if you… Read more »