Electronics Instructions

Setting Up the GT Throne Electronics

How do Headphones and Speakers Work with the GT Throne?

Standard Analog Headphone or Speakers

If you are using speakers or a standard headphone for audio only, the 3.5mm jack will plug into the (BLACK) connector on the front of the GT Processor. The audio volume is controlled using the dial on the GT Processor.

Analog Headphone with Microphone

The GT Processor has two connections for an audio and microphone. The analog jack from the headphone connects to the analog port (BLACK) and the microphone jack connects to the microphone port (PINK) on the front side of the GT Processor.

If your headset comes with a single 3.5mm jack, you will need a microphone/audio splitter (female to 2 male) to connect to both ports on the GT Processor.
An example of the splitter can be found here.

Digital USB Headphone

A headphone with a USB connection will need to be connected to a USB port on your PC. You will then need to configure your PC to use 2 audio outputs while you are using the GT Throne and a USB headset at the same time. Please see this video with instructions on how to do so on window computers: